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Lasting protection you need

Image by Denin Lawley

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior of a vehicle by hand. The coating bonds chemically with any car’s factory paint, creating an added layer of protection.

Keep in mind that ceramic coatings are different from paint protection films, but they’re an alternative to waxes used in cars. They are used to create a semi-permanent or permanent bond to protect new paint, which means that it will not break down or wash away quickly, and will not require constant application.

In short, Ceramic coatings will add a new layer of protection to the exterior of your car and will help keep its brand-new finish with very little maintenance needed. This innovative coating will make any car easier to clean and make it more resilient.

Glossier Car
To protect new paint and make it glossier than ever, a ceramic coating will do the job. It helps enhance the reflective properties of your paint and will add clarity and depth.

Easier Cleaning
One of the most helpful features of a ceramic coating is that it can repel water. The hydrophobic ceramic coating will just make water slide off the surface. When it’s time to wash your car, the contaminants will remove much easier.

Protection from Etching and Chemical Stains
Your car is always at risk of stains from naturally acidic contaminants. By applying a ceramic coating, it will prevent chemicals from bonding to the paint of your car. This keeps your vehicle more resistant to etching and staining, so long as you remove the contaminants immediately.

Protection from Oxidation or UV Damage
A car that’s continually exposed to the sun will result in oxidation, resulting in your car paint fading and turn dull. By applying Ceramic Pro, it will preserve the paint of your car and protect it from the sun’s UV rays.

Image by Fabe collage
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